Frayz-Engineering was founded by Frazier (Frayz) Cohen in 2001.

Frayz is a 32 year old prototype engine developoment engineer for a large motor manufacturer.
Having left secondary school, Frayz started as a technical apprentice at the age of 16 and spent 4 years learning and developing skills as a prototype automotive mechanic.
With over 12 years of prototype engine building experience and a passion for motorsport engineering, Frayz has set up this site to showcase his skills and projects.

The term “Frayz-Engineering” started life as a gimmick between friends due to Frayz’s never ending quest for perfecting various aspects and components of his vehicles, the main vehicle being a 2002 Prodrive Edition Subaru Impreza STi.

Years of enjoyment developing the car both on road and track has also created an ever expanding circle of friends within the Subaru community. The interest taken in this car has only made the “Frayz-Engineering” tag line stick.

Frayz is based in the heart of Essex and is available for various services from fitting roof vents and bonnet pins, interior work and gauge installation to engine builds and head work.

Please contact with your requirements.

Please feel free to look around, ask questions and comment if you wish.